Dsi feature

Creating a network of change and improvement

How an entire sector can join together with a common goal

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Adhd lincs feature

Reinvigorating a vital local charity

Neurodivergence as the focus, not the afterthought

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Image of a laptop displaying the IEMA Hub

Redefining online services for an international professional body

How can an international memberships organisation seamlessly manage membership administration, payments and content at scale?

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Coop feature

Modernising the dividend experience for Lincolnshire Co‑op members

How can we use mobile phone technology to update the experience for Co‑op dividend members?

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Client coop juniors ipad lifestyle

Delivering a colourful, interactive experience for Co-op Junior Members

How can you engage 5-15 year olds by providing fun activities, events and games online?

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Lincoln big laptop

Strengthening communication and collaboration across city-centre businesses

How can Lincoln's Business Improvement Group strengthen information sharing between partners?

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Client coop comms system lifestyle

Creating personalised communications for 280,000 members

How can you communicate relevant offers and events to Lincolnshire Co-op members?

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