The school admissions process has always presented challenges - from manual data entry to GDPR compliance.

Cursor’s admissions data synchronisation streamlines this process with seamless HubSpot to iSAMS integration.

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We’ve partnered with HubGem to offer a comprehensive CRM and student management system sync.

With this key partnership, the power is in your hands.

Simply choose a stage in your application process and the software will lift student data straight into the iSAMS system.

  • Tried and tested in schools around the world
  • Minimal input needed from admissions teams
  • Cyber Essentials Plus Certified
  • Ongoing technical support

Benefits of the admissions sync

The sync provides a key link between your HubSpot CRM and the iSAMS portal.

Keep your student data safe and accurate with automated data entry for schools.

How does the sync process work?

It's as easy as one, two, three

Cursor’s automated sync for school admissions works seamlessly in the background with minimal input.

The software checks for new deals to sync every 60 seconds to ensure all information is up to date.

This is all done through an API in a simple, automated process:


During setup, we will work with you to identify when you would like the student data to be transferred to iSAMS. For example, when a place has been offered, deferred or accepted.

Data moves to iSAMS

The ‘Sync to iSAMS’ deal stage is where the magic happens!

Once you’re happy that a student can be synced, simply move their deal into ‘Sync to iSAMS’ and the rest will happen automatically.

Sync individual records on an ad hoc basis, or sync in bulk, such as during key academic intake periods; the choice is yours.

Data is now available in iSAMS

Whether you use the iSAMS admissions module or the student manager, your synced data is now available, giving you the most accurate, real-time information right when you need it.

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What does it cost?

Our fixed price setup and ongoing support provides peace of mind, with no hidden extras.

Setup £1,575 + VAT
Annual support £1,575 + VAT
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Save time &
increase accuracy

Create time and headspace for your team by freeing them from manual data entry.

Reduce human error and streamline your student admissions process with our HubSpot to iSAMS integration.

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What preparation work is involved?

For the sync to work, we need to know which fields of data you would like to sync from HubSpot, and where they should go in iSAMS. The process of working this out is called ‘property mapping’ and our partners at HubGem can help to guide you through this process.

How long does it take to set up?

Once the property mapping is finalised, we are able to start setting up your sync. We aim to have the sync up and running for you within 28 days.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, we work as an authorised data processor under a sync service contract and data protection agreement that is fully compliant with GDPR. We can also provide support if you’d like to complete a Data Protection Impact Assessment prior to signing up for the sync service.

What information can we sync across into iSAMS?

We can sync to all standard admissions, pupil and contact fields in iSAMS. We can also sync to custom fields in iSAMS, and have recently introduced a popular new feature to sync documents as well. If you’d like a full list of the iSAMS fields we can sync to, please fill in the contact form and we will be happy to help.

Does this work with the iSAMS admissions module?

Yes, you can sync data directly into the iSAMS admissions module. Alternatively, data can be synced into the student manager module - you can choose which option suits you better. No matter which module the data goes into, the student’s associated contact data (e.g. parent details) will be synced over as well.

Do I need to have the iSAMS REST API enabled?

Yes, as the sync service uses the REST API to move the data into iSAMS. Many schools find they already have this enabled due to other existing integrations. If you’re not sure whether your REST API is enabled, you can contact the iSAMS helpdesk team to double check.

What is a REST API anyway?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. Basically it's an interface that two computer systems can use to exchange information securely over the Internet. iSAMS has two different APIs, REST and BATCH. Don’t worry too much about these terms, they just describe the architecture of the APIs. We use the REST version for the sync service.

We are already using HubSpot, will this sync work for us?

Absolutely. Our partners at HubGem can take a look and advise on ways to optimise your existing account set-up to work with the sync service.

Do we need an enterprise HubSpot account?

No, you don’t need any particular tier of HubSpot account for the sync to be able to work.

We don’t use HubSpot, how do I find out more?

No problem! Why not get in touch, and we can point you in the right direction.

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How can Cursor help us?

To find out more and start your journey towards seamless data management, contact our team.