The Cursor Gallery

Step inside the world of Cursor to see what makes our team tick. Curiosity and creativity, fuelled by cake...

Jason bradbury
Jon drinking tea
Raspberry pi
Suspended wire lady art
Tech and innovation awards 2020
Ecommerce expo
Gluttonous gardener
Hack banner
Looking at screen
Sarah and dans mum
Masked man
Hack mobile
Space invaders against sexism
Cursor social
Model convention
Men with tank
Rhino sign
Arcade game
Hello world
Dan yachting
Daniel and tom driving
Comic relief dress up
Screens and contact sheets
Cursor xmas
Boole constructionjpg
Al fresco cafe
Co op bear
Vr headset
Boole construction 2
Daniel sarah awards ready 2
Jon jose hull
C4di building
Digital awards
Daniel working
Nick lincoln hack
Nick and jon hack
Server cabinet
Cyber uk 17
Happy chap
Spotlight stage
Stem ettes
Award disco ball
Awards fun
Digital tech awards group
Tom coding
Khaos control event
Robot race
Lincoln uni careers
Saint nick
Code cake
Steve etherington screen
Cursor xmas 2
Wall art
Dan new adventures
Unicorn slippers
Hack 24 birdseye
Hack 24
Atrium ceiling
Tech and innovation award jon jose
Surprised sarah tech awards
Boole office layout planning
Cursor helps businesses like yours
Team in old office
Nick holding tv
Office glass box
Lincoln hack 18 banner
Naan head
Jon and jose hack
Hack steering wheel
Happy birthday hadi
Andy weekes
Hack project
Hack presentation
Escape room
Ted ex
Dan at talk bw
Pac man birthday cake
Jon nick green mountains
Book shelf
Aad workshop
Please feed the developers
Hack the police
Jose poker
Breakfast meeting
Dinner social
Rebellion sign
Jon health and safety
Office teamwork
Happy birthday jon
2019 team