Building smarter businesses online

Cursor is a digital agency building websites, apps and online software. We build technology that helps people to become more effective, productive and profitable. In short, building smarter businesses online…

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Creating value

You don’t just need a new website, you need the value and the business outcomes that the website will provide. That’s why you come to Cursor, because we don’t think of it as a success when we build a website. We think of it as a success when that website produces results.

Building relationships

Cursor takes a relationship-focused approach to web development, forging trusted partnerships with major clients in Lincolnshire and beyond. We build products which change the way they work, improving processes, communication, sales and ultimately profits.

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Continuous improvement

Our strategy focuses on continuous improvement, providing value over a longer period of time, rather than simply building expensive websites and then abandoning them. If your business is making progress and moving with the times, so should your website.