Founded by short-term loan customers who were unhappy with the service they had received from other lenders, Buffa understands why customers are sceptical about companies like them. Cursor worked closely with the Buffa team with the aim of making short-term loans as simple and transparent as possible.

Buffa Loans main

Buffa aims to reach customers who had endured difficult experiences accessing consumer credit as well as new customers seeking the best deal possible online. For both audiences, creating a positive user experience was key to business development objectives.

Using Craft CMS we designed and developed the Buffa loans website, loan application system, customer portal and data warehousing applications. Loan applications were taken via the website and passed on to the Anchor LMS system via a custom API.

The systems we developed included sophisticated fraud monitoring features which were able to detect bot activity and use third party libraries such as Iovation to help identify fraud and satisfy regulatory compliance.

Many of the systems we developed aimed to make the process of receiving a loan as quick and simple as possible. Even the interface reflected the values of the company - as easy as black and white providing a no-nonsense interface which makes it simple for customers to understand Buffa’s principles and make applications quickly and easily.

Buffa laptop

The value that a good website confers on a business cannot be overstated. The Buffa website is one of the best we have developed, and it has helped Buffa to achieve rapid growth to become a well-known payday lender in a short period of time. They are now processing around 1700 loan applications every month.

Since the launch of the website, we have developed a bespoke payment integration system for the website. This gives customers greater flexibility to make repayments whenever they wish, not just on the automated date, making good on Buffa's promise to be a more open and customer-friendly payday lender.