Lincolnshire Co-op

The Lincolnshire Co-op is an independent co-operative based in Lincolnshire, with 215 stores across the county providing food, pharmacy, travel, funeral, florist and property services.

Lincolnshire co op main

What we created

We have worked with the Lincolnshire Co-op on several ambitious and successful projects, perhaps most notably the development of a new bespoke comms system communicating relevant and personalised email messages to each of its 280,000 members.

The comms system has been used for many major email campaigns including the dividend re-carding project, in which all Lincolnshire Co-op members were issued with new dividend cards.

For our work with the Lincolnshire Co-op on the comms system, we won the award for Digital Innovation at the Lincolnshire Technology & Innovation Awards 2018, and also received recognition at the Co-op’s own Celebrating Together awards 2019.

The Comms System development has enabled us to personalise our communications and improve our member experience. From a functional perspective the system is really easy to use and we are really pleased with the results.

Laura Dunne, Head of Marketing, Lincolnshire Co-op

The new website

In 2019, we built the second version of the Lincolnshire Co-op website. The new store finder uses dynamic content to show stores based on location, while the offers & events section includes bespoke relevance and distance calculation, based on a user’s location settings, to identify the nearest and most relevant offers to them.

Sustained results

The projects we have worked on with the Lincolnshire Co-op are great examples of how our work produces sustained results. The comms system is regularly used to communicate with customers, while the dividend app continues to generate downloads and is used in stores around the county hundreds of times every day.

Both of these products have become essential components of the Lincolnshire Co-op’s drive to engage with members on their platform of choice. Personalised communications and offers helped to increase member engagement and strengthen the bond between the Co-op and their customers.

We have had great feedback from new members who have joined because we now have an app, as they didn’t want a physical dividend card. We envisage this increasing as we all rely more on our phones for payment and many other functions. We have already run a focus group for our app users to get their feedback and hear their suggestions for improvements which we are building in to our development plans. It will continue to evolve, and that’s really exciting!

Laura Dunne, Head of Marketing, Lincolnshire Co-op