14th November 2018

Team Cursor wins Lincoln Hack prize

A team from Cursor won an award at Lincoln Hack this weekend - a 24 hour coding competition at the Boole Technology Centre.

Lincoln hack 2018

Lincoln Hack is a 24-hour coding and technology competition which took place at the Boole Technology Centre in Lincoln this weekend. The event, which is now in its third year is a friendly coding competition where although teams compete for prizes, the real objective is improving skills and building the tech community.

The Cursor team won the Lincoln Hack Freestyle challenge by wiring up a remote control car to a DIY rig complete with pedals and steering wheel. A camera phone on the car was used to stream video to a laptop screen, allowing the driver to control the vehicle as if they were sat inside. The team then built a model of Lincoln landmarks to drive around.

We had a great time at Lincoln Hack and it's fantastic to see the tech scene growing here in Lincoln.

Read more about Lincoln Hack 2018 or visit the Lincoln Hack 2018 website

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