2nd October 2023

Cursor sponsors flagship TEDx event

TEDxBrayford Pool: Spectrums - 14th & 15th October 2023

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We are delighted to announce that Cursor is an event partner for 'Spectrums' from TEDxBrayford Pool, taking place on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th October 2023 at The Engine Shed, Lincoln.

TEDx is all about ideas worth sharing, with a focus on technology, education and design - all cornerstones of the work we do here at Cursor. We are proud to support Brayford Pool, one of the fastest growing TEDx series in the UK, in their mission to bring great ideas and innovation to our home city, Lincoln.

TEDxBrayford Pool: Spectrums

In a world that’s often polarised and divisive, we choose to come together as one to embrace the diversity of spectrums of thought in our community. At the intersection of scepticism and curiosity are understanding and innovation, and the opportunity to embrace new thinking, different positions and opinions. The power of ideas is what propels us forward.

Join us for a weekend of ideas and activations as we celebrate the contrarians, open-minded thinkers, and doers committed to creating a better tomorrow for our city and the world.

Having previously supported TEDxBrayford Pool: Women, it's great to get involved again this year with Spectrums. 

The highest-performing teams are diverse, cross-functional and multi-disciplinary. This brings different skills, perceptions, and experiences to the table. 

We aim to encourage this throughout our work; via our own team, our customer relationships, and our focus on user experience. So it seemed only natural to get involved with Spectrums and celebrate the strength that comes from diversity of ideas.

Daniel Westlake

Managing Director, Cursor

For further information on the event and to book tickets, follow the links below.

Read more about TEDxBrayford Pool: Spectrums

Book tickets to TEDxBrayford Pool: Spectrums

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