Cursor becomes official Craft CMS Partner

2nd January 2019

Written by Daniel Westlake

Craft Partner News

We're pleased to announce that Cursor has been recognised as an official Craft CMS Partner.

We've been enjoying building websites using Craft CMS for a couple of years now. It's intuitive and powerful for website owners & editors and developers love it's flexibility and 100% customisation. We've used Craft CMS to build a wide range of projects, from large corporate websites to Intranets, e-commerce stores, web apps and even management systems for iOS and Android Apps.

With this wealth of experience, it's not surprising that Cursor is Lincolnshire's leading Craft CMS web design agency. We are delighted to be recognised as an official Craft CMS partner and bring it's powerful functionality to businesses like yours.

If your business isn't using Craft CMS then please get in touch for a demo and we can show you how Craft is leagues ahead of legacy CMS systems like Expression Engine and Wordpress.

View our Craft CMS Partner page