9th May 2019

2019 AWS Summit London

The 2019 AWS Summit in London took place on 8 May at the ExCeL Arena. Cursor developer Jamie Hunt was among the 12,000 audience at the event.

AWS Summit 2

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides cloud-based computing services to individuals, companies and governments. They have permanently changed the technological landscape and are the dominant force in the rapidly expanding field of machine learning.

The 12,000 attendees at the summit heard a keynote speech by AWS Compute VP Matt Garman, in which he addressed the need to make machine learning more approachable. Some of the company’s biggest clients then discussed the impact that AWS services have had on their businesses.

One such company was Sainsbury’s, which uses 86 different AWS services to improve productivity and customer service in all areas of the business, particularly in regards to online shopping.

Having previously used a basic spreadsheet to organise home deliveries, switching to an AWS database allowed them to factor in all sorts of information, including the distance to travel, type of groceries being delivered (i.e. frozen, chilled, etc.) and so on.

Another major client is the Ministry of Justice, which uses AWS services to enhance the effectiveness and fairness of the services it provides to British citizens. With these services being so essential, the reliability of AWS is a crucial advantage over other systems.

The summit showcased the benefits of working with AWS and showed what a major impact machine learning is having on modern industry.

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