Artsgraphica is now Cursor

31st October 2015

Written by Daniel Westlake

Announcing cursor

We are pleased to announce that as a part of our strategy to help businesses to work smarter online, we are renaming the business from Artsgraphica to Cursor.

The digital world changes quickly, and we've changed with it. We feel that the new name and strong visual identity better reflects our technology skills and the range of services we offer to customers.

The change takes effect from the 1st November 2015. The company number, telephone number and award-winning development team all remain the same. Email addresses will change shortly although the old ones will continue to work for now. We will be contacting our customers individually to let them know more about this change.

Although this is an important milestone for the business, it doesn't change our vision; to create online technology that helps people to become more effective, productive and profitable.

In short, building smarter businesses online.