Napier Turbochargers

Napier is a world leader in the design, manufacture and support of industrial turbochargers, having produced more than 50,000 turbochargers for marine, power generation and rail applications.

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We started working with Napier Turbochargers in 2011, when we were asked to design a new corporate website for them.

The new website would be designed to showcase Napier's new range of turbochargers as well as providing tools for their existing global customer base.

Building the website

It was felt that the existing website was difficult to navigate so we started the design process with a series of meetings where we identified core user groups and evaluated their priorities for the website. This was then used to create a new customer-centred structure that would form the starting point of the new website.

However, our plans changed slightly when Napier was bought by the Wabtec Corporation in February 2013. Napier adopted the logo and colours of Wabtec, and the website was altered to reflect the changing face of their brand.

We used CodeIgniter to build a bespoke website showcasing the products and services for which Napier is world-renowned. This included a parts finder which enables clients to request required parts, with the help of annotated, exploded diagrams.

The Napier Surveys website was built in Craft CMS. This allows Napier to gather customer and employee satisfaction data, and Craft uses a plugin to collect this data in a useful and organised way.

Napier parts finder

Continuous improvement

We have continued to improve the Napier website in the years since with the addition of new features. One such feature is the dynamic Global Network page.

This page has an interactive map, built using HTML, to allow the user to zoom in on areas of a world map and get details about any of the Napier service centres around the world.

We created an iFrame to embed a Napier controlled page into the websites of approved service providers. Napier would be able to edit all instances of this page from a ‘master page’, making it easy to update the content and promote their brand.

We continue to provide servicing and support for the Napier website, and we look forward to continuing our partnership into the future.

"The team are friendly and knowledgeable, providing advice and guidance on how we could best use new web technologies to support business objectives."

- Ewen Hamilton, Marketing Director, Napier Turbochargers

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