Delivering spare parts data for a world leader in industrial turbochargers

How can web services help Napier deliver spare parts data to engineers across the globe?

Napier Turbochargers are world leaders in the design, manufacture and support of industrial turbochargers. Napier operates globally through a network of approved service centres who provide genuine spare parts, overhaul and service in every corner of the world.

The team at Napier has developed a database tool that enables them to take a product serial number and use this to look up the bill of materials for that particular build of turbocharger. This is very helpful in establishing exactly which spare parts are needed for a particular turbocharger product. Cursor were approached to explore how this data could be securely distributed to approved service centres across the world.

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Napier Turbochargers uses the Baan ERP system and we worked with their IT & data teams to establish a process to to synchronise data between their internal systems and a new web service. As Baan had no API or web integration, a read-only ODBC data connection was used to copy data, including serial codes and parts information to what became known as the Parts Finder.

We created an interface where authorised users can enter the information which is available on the plate of the turbocharger and use this to look up the exact parts which are required for this unit.

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This simple interface gives engineers the ability to order parts with confidence ensuring that regular service and overhaul operations are completed on time and on budget.


In creating the Spare Parts system for approved Napier Service Centres we identified an opportunity to provide an easy to use interface for order parts based on technical diagrams provided in the service manuals. We worked with the Napier Turbochargers team to scan technical diagrams for each turbocharger, including the top level elements and all the sub-parts.

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Each individual part was identified with a reference number but due to the volume of diagrams across the range of turbos, manual processing of these images was impractical. Instead we developed software which would pick up the position of each number on the diagram and match this against a record in the bill of materials (BOM). An administrator could then quickly approve the connection and the software would create the javascript code to present the diagram with a clickable interface.

Below the diagrams we added a further interface where users can select parts by name, assembly or part code and add them to a shopping basket style parts request. Once the list of required parts is complete, this is sent directly to the Napier Spares team for approval.


Napier Turbochargers was acquired by Wabtec Corporation and this was an opportunity to refresh the website, providing improved navigation and a new responsive layout. The spares finder was then incorporated into a wider ‘Customer Centre’ with features for ordering service, parts, overhaul, retrofits and a new system for fault reporting.

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"The team is friendly and knowledgeable, providing advice and guidance on how we could best use new web technologies to support business objectives."


Marketing Director, Napier Turbochargers