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La Jolie Ronde operate a separate e-commerce website, Language Resources, which provides a sales channel to existing licensees and schools. Despite strong sales, the website was struggling to attract new customers due to a dated visual interface, poor product information, no provision for mobile devices and limited functionality for both customers and administrators.

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Cursor had previously worked with La Jolie Ronde on their successful smartphone app and website, so we were excited to continue our working relationship when we were approached by them again to redevelop the Language Resources e-commerce website.

The website was built using Craft CMS and its e-commerce plugin, Craft Commerce. This is intuitive software which can allow the website to be maintained and changed by staff of La Jolie Ronde, once they have been provided with training.

It was essential that the website should be accessible from all platforms, so the visual interface was designed with a responsive layout for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Streamlining processes

The administration system for this website is also operating the La Jolie Ronde media website and an API for the smartphone app, so users and content for all three locations can be managed from one place.

The website has enabled a telephone ordering system, which allows La Jolie Ronde staff to take orders over the phone and immediately add these projects to the order management, making the whole process easier and more efficient.

The website has also been integrated with Xero, meaning that any order added to the admin system automatically goes to Xero for accounting and stock management. This increase in automation means that these orders don’t have to be manually added, and allows La Jolie Ronde to keep their accounts and finances in one place.

With a responsive, user-friendly visual interface, an administration system which uses automation and integration to improve efficiency, and a bespoke ordering system, the new e-commerce website is an improvement over the previous one in every way.

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