Improving data collection for apprenticeships

A bespoke web application and API integration

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The client

HIT Training Ltd is a national provider of apprenticeships and vocational training working across three specialist training divisions.

Expert tutors offer professional training ranging from Levels 2 to 7, ensuring that anyone can better themselves and their careers through learning. The three divisions include:

  • HIT Training - a leading training provider in hospitality, catering and retail.
  • Connect2Care - experts in adult care, healthcare, early years and funeral services.
  • The Executive Development Network - specialists in management and leadership.

The company has a proven track record in quality people-led training helping frontline staff, managers, leaders and business owners reach their full potential. Vocational trainers deliver a blend of training in the workplace and online, providing personalised support, expert advice, creativity and passion throughout the learning journey.

The opportunity

Following our extensive integration work with the HubSpot CRM, we were introduced to HIT Training to help them address limitations they faced when using HubSpot workflows. As advanced users of HubSpot, primarily to manage their application and apprenticeship pipeline, HIT Training wanted to improve the structure of data and the user experience associated with completing online forms.

Our task was to develop a bespoke alternative to HubSpot forms, using an API to process the data. This would give them complete control over the entire process, from user experience and accessibility, to the formats of data collected.

Workflow plan
Workflow plan

The solution

  • Develop bespoke alternative to HubSpot forms
  • Use API instead of workflows to process data
  • Complete control over design, user experience and accessibility of forms
  • Create solution to handle out of date or incomplete records
  • Custom data validation rules
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To achieve the best results, we worked closely with both the HIT team and their HubSpot consultants, HubGem. This allowed us full access to their knowledge base, enabling us to design and build the most effective solution.

Throughout the design process, we referred closely to the UK Government Digital Service guidelines and service standards. This enabled us to ensure best practices were followed and that all parts of the bespoke system were fully compliant with WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility guidelines.

Before going live, a period of testing and user feedback was undertaken, allowing us to make adjustments and adaptations based on trial feedback.

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