The future of education

Cursor interviews with education experts exploring the influence of technology on learning Part I : Desmond Clarke, Open College of the Arts

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HubSpot to iSAMS integration

Streamline your admissions process with Cursor’s HubSpot to iSAMS data sync software

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Specialists in education, membership & not‑for‑profit

We design and build systems that manage sensitive personal data, membership records, professional qualifications, student and patient records. Working with membership organisations, education providers and not‑for‑profits, we use technology to scale processes and improve member experience and engagement.

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Working with great partners
to make good businesses better

Improving data collection for apprenticeships

A bespoke web application and API integration

Replatforming a children's language app

Adding new features & migrating a mobile app to a React Native codebase

Supporting global sales of industrial turbochargers

Showcasing an expanding product range to break into new markets

Creating a network of change and improvement

How an entire sector can join together with a common goal

Why work with us?

Securely scaling

Founded in 2002, Cursor works with leading companies to build systems that serve the complex needs of many individual users. Whether we’re building a memberships platform, registration system, or customer portal, we help you seamlessly serve users at scale while keeping personal data safe and secure.

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Custom solutions
and bespoke

We believe in understanding business and user needs before we build software. This means we work closely with our clients to fully scope out the real, human problem before we suggest technical solutions. Our team then selects the best tooling for your unique requirements at every stage, utilising our significant experience to bridge the gap between systems and build a unified customer view with bespoke API development.

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A nimble,

We provide a team of highly qualified and experienced designers and developers who work as an extension of your business. We closely collaborate with our clients to create an agile single team, with both client and agency working together as trusted partners towards shared goals.

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and impact

Every decision we make at every step of your project is based on a deep understanding of your goals, users and wider market. We’re not afraid to challenge decisions in your best interests and advocate for a better experience for your users. We also particularly relish helping organisations make a tangible positive impact on people, communities and our planet.

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Lincolnshire Technology and Innovation Awards 2019 Digital Agency of the Year logo


Digital Agency
of the Year

Lincolnshire Technology &
Innovation Awards 2019

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