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Wilkin Chapman provides legal services to businesses and people across the UK and beyond. As one of the largest law firms in the region, Wilkin Chapman provides high quality legal advice and a personal service that offers value for money.

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Wilkin Chapman’s website was being managed and provided for by another agency who were providing an all-inclusive package deal for a fixed monthly price. Wilkin Chapman felt that their needs were not being adequately provided for by this agency, and decided to look elsewhere.

The website was in the process of being re-skinned, but testing had proved problematic. There were concerns that the website, despite having a refreshed appearance, would still have many underlying issues because of an outdated, inflexible content management system (CMS).

Building the website

We used our preferred content management system, Craft CMS, a powerful and customisable tool which allows us to implement bespoke content elements which Wilkin Chapman staff can manage and edit with ease, providing an immediate improvement over their previous CMS.

We also worked to improve the website’s SEO. This was a key part of Wilkin Chapman’s digital strategy, but SEO analysis by Root Studio and SEO Traffic Lab revealed significant room for improvement. We used these results to improve the website from both a usability and SEO point of view.

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Conveyancing Calculator

One major addition to the website since it launched is the conveyancing calculator, an online tool which aims to improve the transparency of calculating the costs of moving home and make sense of the complexity behind that.

The conveyancing calculator was created with a mobile-first approach, taking response design principles into account to ensure that it is as user-friendly as possible. It has received a positive response, both from the client and their customers.

Continuous Improvement

Our commitment to continuous improvement has been evident throughout our work on the Wilkin Chapman website. We have continued to improve the website since launch, revamping several of the sectors pages with appearance and content changes.

We have also worked to optimise the website’s search engine performance. There has been a provable increase in the number of visitors going to the Wilkin Chapman website since we made these changes.