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St Francis Group is the UK’s largest animal health buying group with more than 460 member practices across the UK.

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St Francis Group is a leading veterinary buying group which helps its members to save time and money on veterinary products.

Members purchase products through the group and then receive a report in Excel each month, containing information about the products purchased through the group and the savings achieved against a traditional wholesaler.

Though these reports are very useful, St Francis Group found that producing them manually and sending them out via e-mail at the end of each month was a time-consuming process. They wondered if an online solution might be more convenient and practical, both for the group and its members.

Following a successful website rebrand by Optima Design, Cursor was approached by St Francis Group to investigate the possibility of automating the process of producing the monthly report and displaying this information online in a members data dashboard.

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Data Dashboard

The Data Dashboard we developed takes the raw transactional data provided by St Francis group and aggregates it into the form of a summary. The interface was inspired by Google Analytics.

Members can view details of each pharmaceutical product purchased, with the options to sort by Manufacturer, by Category and by Product. Members can also filter by date range and compare changes across periods of time, showing changes in value and discount achieved.

In addition, the dashboard allows members to manage multiple practices in the same group, compare spend by practice, and compare categories of spend by practice. Any of the reports produced by the data dashboard can be exported to Excel for further analysis.

The data dashboard processes over 600,000 records each month.

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After the successful launch of the Data Dashboard, we integrated a new webinar system for CPD training. On-demand webinars, provided by The Webinar Vet, were integrated into the members area of the website, giving members a range of webinar content to choose from.

The website keeps track of how many webinars each member has watched, with this information counting towards CPD training. Certificates are awarded to members on completion of each session.

Business Academy

St Francis Business Academy provides training and resources for vets and practice managers. To help deliver this content, we built a booking system for seminars and workshops.

The system automates much of the work which was previously done manually. Downloadable worksheets are automatically emailed to attendees ahead of the event, with webcasts and other course content made available to attendees from the day of the event.

This bespoke event booking and management platform makes it easy for members to book the events they want to attend. It also gives St Francis Business Academy at-a-glance information about how many attendees are signing up to each event.