Nicholson McBride

Nicholson McBride are business psychologists who provide skills development and training to help businesses improve their organisational, team and individual performance. They offer expert advice on recruitment and business strategy to major clients worldwide.

Nicholson McBride main

Cursor has worked with Nicholson McBride on several projects over a number of years. Our first collaboration came on Test Your RQ, an online portal where users could find out their resilience quota, or RQ. Developed to a very tight schedule to coincide with the release of the 2008 book Resilience, the website proved a great success.

We next worked on the Office Politics website, which was also developed alongside a book. Like Test Your RQ, this site hosted a survey which was used to provide insights about the psychology of workplace politics.

e-Learning System

As the number of questionnaires and responses grew, Nicholson McBride needed a way to collate and interpret the results. We developed the Nicholson McBride e-Learning system for this purpose, providing a single integrated way to deliver online questionnaires, resources and reports for the company.


Long-term success

The e-Learning system has been a great success and continued to be used by Nicholson McBride on a daily basis to deliver surveys and questionnaires, providing a simple way for Nicholson McBride’s clients to provide feedback and information when required.

The greatest reward for us is a business partnership which has now lasted for more than a decade, proving that we are committed to sustaining productive long-term relationships with our clients which are mutually rewarding for both parties.

"Exceeding expectations at every stage in the many projects we have built together."

- Charles Barlow, Nicholson McBride (formerly)