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Guttridge are a leading UK manufacturer of bulk materials handling machinery. They design and manufacture a wide range of conveyor, elevator and bulk bag processing equipment to customers worldwide.

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At the time when they first approached us, the Guttridge website had been successful in communicating key messages to customers, but a number of issues were preventing ongoing development.

Firstly, the Content Management System (CMS) lacked the flexibility required, and a simplistic approach to URLs meant that each URL contained a reference number needed by the CMS. This needed to be removed to create a URL structure which is both logical to end-users, and easy for search engines to read.

Guttridge had negotiated the purchase of the domain name, and now wanted to explore how to use this .com domain to reflect the increasingly international focus of the business.

They were also opening a new office in Saudi Arabia, and so wanted to develop a website tailored to this important growth market.

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Language and Localisation

Following a phase of consultation and research, we identified that the Guttridge website had to consider both the language and culture of local markets.

In the UK, grain handling equipment is traditionally associated with brewing beer or whisky production; whereas in Saudi Arabia, the same approach could not be followed due to local laws around alcohol. Despite this, much of the equipment for grain handling is still the same, regardless of whether it is used in brewing or agriculture.

We decided that we would serve the Saudi market specifically with a cut-down Arabic language version of the Guttridge website, focused on targeting niche sectors which were more relevant to that market.

In addition, we built a broader targeted website for the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), replacing case studies and equipment for brewing and alcohol production with their agricultural equivalents.

As well as the Arabic and MENA markets, we also developed a new Guttridge website focused on the UK and European markets.

The countries of incoming visitors would be detected by IP address and the appropriate regional site displayed - although this can be overridden to allow Guttridge staff to access, test and update the website.

Further developments

Following the successful launch of the international websites, we assisted Guttridge by producing a secure login area where customers and partners can download documents and drawings relating to their installations.

We also produced a new website for Laserfab, a division of Guttridge providing sheet metal fabrication and manufacturing services.