Designing a content marketing website for global gas turbine company

How can turbine service and maintanence data be leveraged to generate inbound enquiries?

Greenray is a leading international provider of technical turbine services. They supply parts, maintenance and a full range of technical support services to customers across the world. Greenray approached Cursor about the design and development of a new marketing website to generate enquiries about turbine service and maintenance.

Our research found that operators of legacy turbine equipment around the world will be searching for information on how to service specific models and makes of turbines. Therefore, if the Greenray website could provide this information, it would be seen by turbine equipment companies and site managers worldwide.

However, there have been a lot of mergers and acquisitions within the gas turbine industry. Cursor worked with turbine experts at Greenray to gather information on every manufacturer which has produced a gas turbine in the last fifty years, and then provide details of all the models produced by each manufacturer in the form of a customised landing page.

This thorough process was necessary because this is a very specialised search with a low volume of searches, but with a high interest and potential value from searches worldwide.

Our fastidiousness paid dividends, as anyone searching for information on each make and model would see Greenray very high in the search results, if not at the top, giving the company more exposure and greatly increasing the number of enquiries received from prospective customers worldwide.

Client Greenray Showcase


Following the success of the Greenray website, we were commissioned to develop a specialist ecommerce website which would allow operators to search and buy turbine parts online.

We built a bespoke new system which allows users to browse by category, manufacturer or engine type. This, combined with a powerful search system, makes it easy for operators to find the parts they are looking for. Product information is synced from Greenray’s internal ERP system.

The system also incorporates a comprehensive audit and approval process, which was required as some items available through the Turbine Marketplace were embargoed due to international sanctions on Iran.

Client greenray marketplace


In 2015, following a rebrand exercise conducted by Optima Design, we updated the website with a striking new visual appearance that reflects Greenray's continued growth within the marketplace.

Client greenray family


Integrated Turbine Systems is a Greenray company that provides complete maintenance and upgrade solutions for gas and steam turbine packages. We designed and developed a new website for the business based on a brand designed by Optima.

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