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Espresso Design is an award-winning interior design consultancy specialising in contemporary furniture for kitchens, bedrooms and living spaces. From their showrooms in London and Cape Town, they work on residential new builds, refurbishments and contract developments in the UK, Europe and Africa.

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As a company which only has two showrooms covering two continents, Espresso Design’s online presence plays a vitally important role in their business operations, acting as the first point of contact between the business and customers.

Their previous website boasted a minimalist design and gorgeous full-screen visuals, and was successful at communicating brand values and quality. This website worked well, but after seven years it needed updating, particularly in terms of content, accessibility, SEO and functionality.

Espresso Design approached Cursor seeking an exciting and innovative new website which would build on the classy, minimalist appearance of their existing website, but with improvements in content, editing and update functionality, as well as new commercial features.

Bespoke website

Because the products sold by Espresso Design are so luxurious and high quality, the website is not very commercially focused. It is in many ways a brand showcase which exists to set Espresso Design apart from your average interior design company.

For this unique company we wanted to create a unique website, so we opted for a bespoke horizontal scrolling interface which is both responsive and user-friendly. It has a tactile feel which reflects the products it showcases, and the website works equally well on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

This website retains and updates the minimalist layout of its predecessor, using full-page, high-resolution images and very little text. We also integrated interactive content which allows visitors to take virtual tours of Espresso Design’s showrooms and learn more about their products.

The website is controlled by a comprehensive content management system, allowing Espresso Design staff to update and manage content themselves. This ensures that the website can be frequently updated with fresh content, campaigns and promotions.


Espresso Design’s outcomes are not necessarily measured in sales, but in brand awareness. The website we created is as state-of-the-art as the products it displays. It stands out from the crowd and distinguishes Espresso Design as a company of luxury and status.

Pathway analytics show that visitors to the Espresso Design website spend a lot of time exploring it. The new design and interactive content compels them to look around and discover features like the interactive showrooms.

Espresso Design