Lindum Homes is a division of Lindum Group Ltd, a locally based construction company which has been in operation since 1956. The Lindum Homes division is responsible for the design and construction of high quality, private residential homes in and around the Lincoln area.

The Idea

Since the launch of Lindum Homes’ previous website in 2015, there had been a significant shift in the digital landscape. Analytics showed that mobile had taken over from desktop as the leading source of online traffic, and there was a lack of consistency across different platforms.

In a short space of time, the ‘Desktop first’ approach of the previous website had become outdated. The CMS system was also slow and difficult to use which made adding and editing content difficult.

Lindum Homes approached Cursor in February 2018. Having recently undergone rebranding, they needed a website to reflect their new image, improve performance and visitor experience, and keep up-to-date with the changing face of the web.

Our aims were clear. We wanted to develop a website which would help Lindum Homes to stand out from other companies providing affordable homes, creating a positive first impression and ongoing connection through an elegant, user-friendly interface to assist visitors in finding their perfect new home.

The Project

Given the increasing emphasis on mobile users, we decided that the website should be built with a mobile interface in mind. The desktop and tablet user interface was not to be disregarded though as this still represents a significant proportion of traffic.

Before creating the website, we produced detailed hand-drawn visual prototypes to test the UI, allowing the client to visualise what the website would look like and how it would work. These were developed first as hand-drawn visuals, followed by interactive wireframes and then as full-colour visual designs, giving us a clear vision for the final product.

Lindum Homes wanted the capacity to include lots of information on each property and we delivered, producing detailed floor plans, interactive site-plans, and dynamic maps, powered by Open Street Maps, displaying nearby amenities such as schools and railway stations. There is also the option to include a gallery of images and a point of contact, which can be changed at any time.

We also incorporated dynamic filtering in the Home Finder so that the list of properties automatically updates as filters (location, bedrooms, value) are added and removed. Homes appear on the website before they appear anywhere else, so the website is a first port of call for anyone looking to buy a new Lindum Home.

We built the website using Craft CMS, a powerful and flexible design tool which is easy to learn, allowing Lindum Homes staff to use our bespoke design elements to update existing homes and add new ones which come onto the market.

During the project, we established a very productive and collaborative relationship with the client. We held weekly meetings which allowed us to show and test the latest features and get useful feedback, ensuring that the website was tailored to the client’s requirements.


The Outcome

The new Lindum Homes website provides improved performance and positive user experience for mobile, tablet and desktop users alike. Its intuitive layout and user-friendly interface helps it to stand out from its competitors, making it as simple and enjoyable as possible for customers to find the home of their dreams.

One of our key aims in this project was to improve the customer journey by driving traffic towards the Home Finder, encouraging users to discover and explore properties online before contacting us, rather than going straight to the contact page from the homepage.

Pathways analytics shows that customers are staying on the website for a lot longer now, with a 30% drop in bounce rate. This shows that the new website provides a pleasant user experience which encourages them to stay and explore what the site has to offer.

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