La Jolie Ronde

La Jolie Ronde has been at the forefront of Primary Language Learning since 1983. A leading provider of extra-curricular French and Spanish language classes for children.

La Jolie Ronde also supplies language resources to primary schools, academies and prep schools across the UK and Ireland.

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What we created

La Jolie Ronde approached Cursor with a view to creating a smartphone app which would dramatically change how they deliver audio resources to schools and children.

We built a mini-website where learners can register and stream audio resources online; a cross-platform mobile app where customers can register, download and play audio resources; and a secure administration system for La Jolie Ronde staff.

Bespoke solutions

Delighted with our work on the app, La Jolie Ronde approached Cursor again to create a new Language Resources e-commerce website to replace the old one, which was struggling to attract new customers due to an outdated interface and lack of responsive design.

We built the new website with Craft CMS and Craft Commerce. It includes a bespoke telephone ordering system which allows La Jolie Ronde staff to take orders over the phone and immediately add these projects to the order management, making the whole process easier and more efficient.

Since launch in January 2018, the La Jolie Ronde media player has been used by 1,260 pupils and 531 teachers, who have taken advantage of over 27,000 audio resources.

Most importantly, there was a significant drop-off in sales of audio CDs within three months of the launch, showing that the new app has had a demonstrable impact on customer behaviour. La Jolie Ronde has embraced the digital revolution, and so have its users.

The old Language Resources website was used almost exclusively by existing licensees, with 95% of orders coming from this small group of users. Already they are seeing an improvement in that regard, with the new website having a 20% projected growth in sales to non-licensee customers.

The app has taken over from CDs as the most popular method of distributing lesson resources, and the e-commerce website’s updated interface makes it easier for staff and customers alike to make orders.

The new Media Player website and App has significantly improved our end user experience, whilst at the same time reducing our production and distribution costs. Cursor took the time to understand both our requirements and those of our customers, presenting a technical solution which met all our requirements. The platform can also be further developed in the future to add video and interactive resources to further supplement our language learning programmes.

Steve Baker  - La Jolie Ronde